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Invisalign® is an innovative orthodontic treatment which relies on clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. With Invisalign, you can enjoy a treatment that is both comfortable and effective. Additionally, Invisalign has been known to shorten treatment time up to 50%, and helps to keep your mouth healthy and free from tooth decay and other problems during treatment.

Invisalign for All Ages

Invisalign is an excellent treatment for patients of all ages. In fact, our youngest patient at studioSMILE Orthodontics is nine, while the oldest patient we have ever treated was 84! Whether you are a teenager or an adult, Invisalign can give you a straight and beautiful smile while also providing you with a natural appearance throughout treatment.

Invisalign Treatment Process

The treatment process for Invisalign is simple. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kelly Tabacchi will evaluate your mouth and provide you with information about your treatment, costs, insurance and any other questions that you may have. We will then create a customized treatment plan using the results from your exam as well as 3D images, pictures and impressions of your teeth.

Once our orthodontist has completed your 3D model and developed this treatment plan, your Invisalign aligners will be created. You will wear your aligners for about 22 hours each day. Your aligners are comfortable and are designed to fit your mouth, so they will rarely if ever irritate your cheeks or gums. Your aligners are also removable, and you will take them out to eat, brush and floss your teeth and clean them.

You will need to change to a new set of aligners every two weeks. Each new set of aligners will gradually move your teeth into the correct position. You will return to our office every 8-12 weeks for our orthodontist to assess your progress and ensure that your treatment is working as planned.

After your teeth have been moved into their proper positions and your smile is straight, we will provide you with a retainer. Wearing your retainer nightly will ensure that your teeth remain in their newly-straightened positions so that you can keep your smile straight and beautiful for life.

Invisalign Cost

In terms of cost, Invisalign is comparable to traditional metal braces. If your dental insurance covers braces, it will also cover a portion of your Invisalign treatment at our office. We will discuss your insurance coverage and treatment costs with you as part of your initial consultation when you visit our office.

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At studioSMILE Orthodontics, we believe that almost every patient is a candidate for Invisalign, and we encourage anyone who needs orthodontic treatment but does not want to endure the pain, discomfort and appearance of traditional braces to call or text our office at 913-953-6767 to schedule their complimentary consultation with Dr. Kelly Tabacchi.